Get to know the nature of our services

You are wondering whether you can find what Veranatura has to offer somewhere else. Actually, you can’t. The difference lies in the way we do things. When you describe a service, whether it’s setting up an event, choosing the catering, the sound, the lighting or the support staff, there’s very little difference. These are essential services in any company of this nature.

But it’s the way in which every process is thought out, proposed and executed that makes the difference. On a “menu” of services, it would be difficult to find something Veranatura doesn’t have. But part of the process is finding something new, something that has yet to be required, necessary, sought after, brought to the stage.

It will be up to you to imagine. It’s up to us to ask: what do you need?

Get to know the nature of our services in detail.


Backing you up, go beyond

Documentation: organize and prepare

Organisation is a sub-layer that is as invisible as it is natural for the success of an event. At Veranatura, we create information and prepare scientific documentation following the strictest criteria, and always bearing in mind the characteristics and expectations of the participants, their end user.

  • Creation and preparation of general and scientific documentation for the event
  • Creation and preparation of specific documentation for individual participants

Control: supervision and care

Everyone who takes part in the events organised by Veranatura naturally deserves special attention. We accompany all the participants, without exception, every step of the way. From printing certificates to sending documentation after the event, the emphasis is always on personalisation.

  • Printing and supply of identification systems
  • Production and delivery of attendance, presenter and/or papers certificates
  • Sending of documentation in digital format

Staff: eficiency and guidance

Veranatura selects and trains the most suitable staff for the nature of each event.
We supervise and guide according to needs, providing a generous and fluid event experience

  • Recruitment, selection and training of specialised staff
  • Service attendants to support every moment and requirement at the event


Define a message, improve the crop

Present the future: inform & engage

The communication of an event is its natural fertiliser. Veranatura produces and pollinates information for a specific target audience, in unison with the organising committee. Through the use of various on and off-line vehicles, we guarantee that the message not only arrives, but that it remains alive and fruitful before, during and after the event.

  • Production and adaptation of contents and information
  • Sending and delivery of contents and information to the participants, on and off-line, through various digital media and platforms

Present the opportunities: last e-call

At Veranatura we remember what’s most important at the right time.

You will receive last calls about deadlines, end of registration, and other fundamental steps for holding and participating in the event. We are naturally with you, because it’s natural to forget.

  • Preparation and sending of last calls for a digital database of the event


Take part, make a difference

Personal and shared knowledge in a digital platform

Personal and shared knowledge on a digital platform. An event flourishes from a primary root. Veranatura combines and simplifies access to the various branches of knowledge by creating a digital platform shared by all participants, for every process.

  • Provision of a digital platform with private access
  • Management, control and loading of data and other types of information

National and international speakers

Speakers at each event find their natural travel companion in Veranatura. Travel, accommodation or transfers are just some of the points you no longer have to worry about.

  • Travel and accommodation contacts, coordination and booking
  • Support for speakers for additional issues


Choose a soil, harvest an experience

Space to stage: scouting, consulting & management

Every event deserves the perfect conditions in which to flourish. Veranatura looks for the most suitable financial ecosystem and space for the DNA of each moment. By doing so, we take care of management before, during and after the event.

  • Venue search, selection, recommendation and negotiation
  • Control and management of financial conditions and venue use

Space to stay: booking, accounting, check in & out

Thinking about accommodation is more than just negotiating places, room numbers, square metres or menus. At Veranatura, the hotels are chosen on the basis of creating the best climate for your event. We supervise, greet and are with you right till the end. We guarantee a fluid process, where each participant can count on Veranatura to be their unique and dedicated natural interlocutor.

  • Accommodation search, analysis, negotiation and booking
  • Guidance from check-in to check-out
  • Support and response for participants


Connect before, flourish after

Creating value, saving money

At Veranatura, we know that every event requires the ideal partners in order to flourish. We analyse and outline the most natural path to approach, discuss and confirm partner participation, in line with the organising committee.

  • Definition of how to approach sponsoring companies, in close collaboration with the organising committee
  • Sponsorship prospecting, negotiation and raising
  • Follow-up and management


Define a goal, generate a concept

Creativity: knowledge and surprise

At Veranatura we believe that the graphic image of an event is part of a significant sensorial experience. That is why we imagine, propose and implement according to our customers’ wishes, being innovative in our methods and exceeding expectations in our design.

  • Original concept creation and graphic image for the event
  • Research on formats and materials for various media, such as: posters, banners, programmes, flyers, certificates, overviews, invitations, signage, among others
  • Layout and artwork design


What must show, will show

Audiovisuals, Technology, Scenography, Multimedia

An event is an experience. At Veranatura, we believe it must be a memorable experience. Our technology and multimedia solutions, together with specialised professional teams, provide unforgettable moments which reflect and broaden the unique nature of every event.

  • Research, development and implementation of technological and multimedia solutions
  • Guidance by specialised teams every step of the way
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